Quality and Custom Design and Building
Our Work
It starts with high-end, quality materials...rich hardwoods, gorgeous grantie, marble and glass, and durable, high-end PVC that can be molded to any configurations, and painted for a flowless finish.  And the master craftsman touch and you have a product of which you can be proud. 
See depth of our work.

  1. Commercial
    What do Estetica, Essential Elements and Mazzeo Fruit & Produce have in common? They display custom cabinetry and shelving designed by Kupp Builders.
  2. Residential
    Ready for a new addition to your house or perhaps a home renovation? Whether the job is big or small, Kupp Builders can can outfit your home in luxury.
  3. Custom Detailing & Cabinetry
    From cabinetry, exterior trim, mantles, bookcases, pergolas, cupolas, columns, and more, Kupp Builders can create what your home or business needs for a fresh look or a signature designed item.
  4. Custom Homes
    Ready to build the home of your dreams? Then you will need a builder who you can trust, communicate with and pays attention to detail. Kupp Builders has the experience and skills you need to begin your dream home.
  5. Home Renovations
    A renovation beautifully done is a work of art. It can even make you feel as if you've moved to a brand new home. We specialize in renovations, with an attention to detail that makes the difference.
  6. Exterior Work
    From exterior gates and light posts to custom molding and trim, we install the luxury features that distinguish your property. Do you have a pattern or design you need to match? We can match or recreate those distinctive features.
  7. Furniture
    Need a new kitchen island to match the rest of the kitchen? Or a custom made desk? Or perhaps a unique signature piece of furniture to finish off a room? Kupp Builders can take your ideas and create the design plans and build your custom made furniture.
  8. Interior Work
    From built-ins to fireplace surrounds, there's a lot you can do to enhance the interior of your home or commercial space. Then get ready to relax and enjoy your surroundings!
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